Things you should know before booking an Archaeological Tour

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Archaeological Tour: what to look for and why

One of the most complicated things while traveling is choosing the best way to get to the attractions you want to visit. Usually, because you are not familiar with the public transportation or the distance between places. Remember that sites like Tulum or Chichen Itza, are far from Cancun and it’s always recommended getting there in an Archaeological Tour. Keep reading to find out what to look for before booking one.

Archaeological Tour

1.- Verify it has certified Tour guides

Remember these places are full of history. And even though it’s impressive to visit them by yourself, it’s even better when you learn about the magic behind these archeological sites from the voice of experts. Confirm with the company you are hiring that their tour guides are certified by The Mexican Secretary of Tourism.

Archaeological Tour

2.- Look for quality food 

Going away on vacations is all about trying new things, like local food. Make sure that the place where you are eating includes unlimited drinks, regional dishes, and special dietary alternatives. You can also look for recognitions like the Distinctive H, which certified hygiene and quality standards of food establishments. 

Archaeological Tour

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3.- Put comfort first 

One of the main benefits of taking a Tour is the convenience. Check that the company you are hiring includes basic things like hydration and umbrellas. If you have ever visited an Archaeological Site in southern Mexico, you might know already there are very high temperatures most of the year. That’s why it’s essential to stay cool and hydrated.

Archaeological Tour

4.- Confirm that everything is already included 

Read all the details of the Tour you’re taking and avoid paying for “extras.” Because we fail to read all the complete information, we end up paying for things that were supposed to be included. Make sure everything is covered in the ticket price: from the transportation to the food and the admissions to the Archeological Sites. 

Archaeological Tour

5.-Make sure the transportation is in excellent condition

It might sound a little obvious, but the reality is that many times we get carried away by the stock photos we look on the internet, and we don’t know what the buses are like. Search for real pictures and videos of the Tour buses and verify they have comfortable seats, seat belts, and a place to store your belongings.

Archaeological Tour

6.- Read their Social Media reviews 

Look for the official pages of the Archaeological Tour you are planning to book and read at least their last reviews. Compare the comments with the information of the company’s official site. Bonus tip! Check if they have the Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor, this will give them extra points. 

Archaeological Tour

7.- Check if they have information in your language 

Choose an Archaeological Tour with high-tech hearing devices and with information in your tongue; this will be very helpful at the moment you are at the Archaeological Site. You’ll be able to get away from the group and move around the place and still listen to the Tour guide’s information.

Archaeological Tour

8.- Look for different forms of payment 

We know that when you go on vacation, the least you want to do is carry cash. Even more when nowadays you can buy almost everything in advance and online. Choose a company which gives you the facility to pay online with all types of cards, and even offer other forms of payment such as PayPal credit.

Archaeological Tour

9.- Write down their customer service number 

It’s important you have the client service telephone of all the Tours you are taking. You never know when you might need to change something in your reservation at the last minute or solve any problem during your trip. 

Archaeological Tour

10.- Make sure is a trusted company 

Confirming the trajectory of any brand today is easy, and sometimes we forget to do it when we’re on vacation. Be sure to read a bit of who is behind the Tour you are going to hire, this will give you more confidence and will assure you that everything will go according to plan.

Archaeological Tour

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Main photo by  Amanda Ledwidge