Crazy hot weather hacks!

Practical Tips

How to survive to the summer with style



The summer is here and with it the crazy hot weatherAlthough for many people it’s synonymous of fun, for others it’s a battle against high temperatures. That’s why in this blog we share with you a few tips to survive to the heat without losing style.


Use fresh clothes, preferably light colors. Keep inside the closet the linen clothing, and wear the cotton clothes. Also, it’s much better if you choose light colors like white, blue, green, yellow and orange.




Use hat or cap. Because of the sun, head covering is recommended. Don’t go outside without a cap or hat. Of course, they don’t have to be too extravagant.





Protect your eyes, wear sunglasses. If you use them all year long,  now it’s the time when they are more necessary than ever because they prevent ultraviolet rays from reaching your eyes. For best results, choose ones that have UV protection.





Drink water or flavored water. Drink plenty of water, this season is vital to keep the body well hydrated and what better to do it than with hibiscus, cucumber or watermelon water, this flavored waters will provide you energy for the whole day.





Your best friend: a handheld fan. This summer there is no better ally to beat the heat than having a handheld fan. With this accessory you can mitigate the sultriness caused by high temperatures this time of year.


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Jump into the pool. This place becomes the protagonist of the summer, so organize a pool party and enjoy the hot weather.


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Enjoy a delicious ice cream. For these hot days there is nothing better than a delicious lemon or coconut ice cream. While you eat it, your body heat will decrease and therefore the summer will be more enjoyable.


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Eat salads and fresh food. Try not to eat hot soups, roasted or heavy meals. This season you should eat more fruits and salads: they are easier to digest.




Avoid making physical activities from 12:00 to 17:00 hrs. If you are an outdoors exercise lover, we recommend you to avoid practicing your sports during the warmer hours (from noon until 5:00pm). With this you will avoid any dehydration or heat stroke.




Use umbrella. If you are going to take a tour to an archaeological site, remember carrying a bottle of water to avoid dehydration and an umbrella for sun protection. These are essential accessories for this season. Its use is very important during the long walks of the tour, which are usually at peak hours.





Use sunscreen. Last but not least, whether you take a tour or just going to be exposed to the sun for business or pleasure, don’t forget to use sunscreen. This season the daily use of sunscreen is essential, especially in the face. Read more about this here: Biodegradable sunscreen: everything you need to know.




With these simple tips, we expect you can enjoy all the fun that summer has for you and don’t forget to share it with us.

Tell us, what’s your way to survive to the summer heat?