Food lovers, Welcome to La Casona de Valladolid

We are Xichen: Maricela Osorio

Leading La Casona de Valladolid

If the floors of a 120 year-old house could talk, they would tell you the story of a house that today welcomes food lovers and fans of good service.

With its enourmous, wooden, chocolate brown doors, La Casona de Valladolid welcomes you to one of the best Yucatecan food restaurant in the region. Here, a team of experts and food lovers create panuchos, lime soup, and roasted suckling pig just like they would in any traditional Yucatecan home.




To welcome us into the flavors and smells of La Casona, we meet Maricela Osorio, CEO of La Casona.  Dressed in a traditional Yucatecan blue blouse and dazzling embroidery, Maricela is our guide, taking us back in time when La Casona, Yucatecan restaurant in Valladolid from Experiencias Xcaret Group, was built.

A native of Valladolid, Maricela began her career in restaurants three years ago when the group decided to include the famous Casona in Valladolid to its tours.

“Running a restaurant involves a lot of responsibility and opportunities to grow and especially in this case to know the culture of gastronomy, which is an essential part on this side of Yucatan.”




Maricela met the Architect Miguel Quintana Pali 12 years ago working in the newspaper La Voz del Caribe as assistant general manager. Her career with the group began working with Lupita Quintana in the store of art and culture that is now on the side of the restaurant working for Valladolid’s delicious restaurant is her first experience in the food and beverage department.

“I like challenges and as part of a professional and personal goal, I accepted the offer to work in La Casona to learn more about this area.

It’s something that is completely different to what I normally developed in my working life because going from working in media to the food and beverages is a world of difference. “




Valladolid in the World


The state of Yucatan is at a trigger point for global projection and some of the things that we want to project is its delicious gastronomy, said Maricela.

Yucatan’s cuisine is an essential part of its culture. Just as it is its history, the Yucatecan cuisine has a great recognition worldwide for the visitor who has had the opportunity to sample the range of food that exists in the state. “




Part of the importance of promoting the state and especially Valladolid is wanting to show that in Yucatan there are many variations and points of interest for tourists with different tastes.

The people of Valladolid can highligh and thank the Group Experiencias Xcaret for putting the eyes of the world in this area, Maricela adds.

“Detoning the city of Valladolid, with its gastronomic and historical riches, placing it as the iceberg for Yucatan and exposing it to the world is priceless.”

For many years there was no employment opportunities in the tourism industry. Valladolid was not a known landmark and today is a main point of attraction.




In August 2012, Valladolid was declared a “Magical Town”, a government program that highlights the tourism value of these locations in Mexico “to structure an innovative and original tourism platform,” according to the Tourism Ministry in Mexico.

Valladolid 10 years ago was not the least part of what it is today, says Maricela. In recent years, the city has had an explosive growth.


La Casona de Valladolid


“The best dining experience on your palate accompanied by an unparalleled service of comfort. “

La Casona is distinguished by its variety. The buffet is extensive but mostly the quality you can find in the products. Across the state of Yucatan, there is no other restaurant that offers so much variety-75 dishes on display-for a fair price. La Casona also offers a la carte services.




In addition, 90% of the raw material is purchased from local merchants. Everything that makes the spice of Yucatecan food comes directly from local merchants.

“The person who will give you the real flavor of the Yucatecan food is the mestiza, the artisan who has the traditional seasoning, as it should be,” add Maricela. “We have the opportunity to grow our local merchants making them part of this project.”



Maricela and her staff at La Casona have a goal: to keep the traditional and true Yucatecan cuisine alive.

“Our goal is that what you find at the buffett is what you will get at any traditional Yucatecan home with the origial, raw material and the real essence of this traditional food.

“When you leave, you feel that you ate at home and you have not tried anything more real and rich accompanied by the best service.”

What is the best advice when visiting La Casona?

Eat little by little and try everything. Everything is rich, everything is different and everything has its charm.


Have you visited La Casona de Valladolid? What did you like best?